Solutions for Thinning hair

How to Stop Thinning HairHair loss is a common problem found worldwide and many people affected by it always search ways to seek solution to this existing problem. However, there are different myths around it and people are in a dilemma as to choose what. Rather than worrying about the problem, we should understand the root cause of it. Unhealthy lifestyles are the main reason behind the hair loss. Other few causes are anemia, thyroid dysfunction, certain medications, scalp inflammation, stress, smoking, fungal and bacterial diseases like psoriasis and eczema, and malnutrition.

Hair straightening or perming can lead to unusual hair loss. This is due to breakage of hair or hair damage. Hair loss can also be caused due to split ends. There are several hair products available in market for the treatment. However, care must be taken that we choose the right brand. Nioxin and Nexxus help in overcoming the thinning of hair. They are available in certain hair salons. However, consult a dermatologist or hair specialist before applying any of the creams, as they give you the best medications for a healthy hair. Sometimes the doctors may send your hair samples to labs to check for the quality of the hair.

Prevention of the hair loss is important to maintain the beauty of an individual. Hair is made of protein. So include a lot of protein diet in your food. Protein is found in foods like meat, fish, legumes, cheese etc. Also, include minerals, as it is required for the hair to grow. Iron is also needed for hair strength and is found in meat, fish and poultry. Do not tie hair in tight plaits or buns. Stress on the scalp can lead to scarring and hair loss. Opting for different hairstyles can prevent hair loss to an extent. Do not use harsh chemicals on the scalp as sometimes it can lead to permanent hair loss and the hair will not grow back.

There are several treatments for hair thinning problems. Hair loss due to pregnancy will revert to original normal condition with in few months. Hair loss due to thyroid problems requires proper medication as it is due to hormonal imbalance. Hair thinning by poor diet can be replaced by healthy diet consumption. Sometimes certain medications are the reason behind the hair loss and thinning problems.

Consult a hair specialist in this case and if required stop the medication that causes the hair loss. Provillus is a natural product designed especially for women. It has Vitamin B and other natural ingredients required for revitality of the hair. So do not panic when your hair is thinning out. The solution and the remedies are always there to help you out.