Small Thank You Gift Ideas for Women

small thank you gift ideas for womenWhen you are selecting small thank you gift ideas for women then you should give a genetic stand by like a candle box or something that will express your thank you. Although any type of gift will be appreciated but the gift that is memorable and according to a person’s interests is more loved by the recipient. Always keep in mind the likes and hobbies of the person for whom you are buying a gift. Check out the best small thank you gift ideas for women:

Cute Little Thank You Gift Ideas for Women

Custom Gift Basket: Make a customized gift basket for her by putting some unique items into it that is selected specifically for the women. You can put some of the favorites like her favorite drink, favorite chocolates, flowers, favorite perfume etc. .Some of the accessories like sunglasses, clutch, a pair of earrings; hat etc. can also be given in basket.

Spa Voucher: Another way to thank her is to pamper her with a day spa, facial, massage and manicure services. Fix the appointment as per the availability of timings with her so that she can enjoy her spa day and relax. Gift the spa voucher with a chocolate or fruit basket which she can enjoy while getting pampered in a spa.

Personalized Gift: Order some of the best personalized gift items that she needs. Some of the items that can be made personalized are a photo frame, bookends, desk set, coffee mug, paperweight etc. You can also order a heart-shaped puzzle that has the picture of a couple to show just being together. Write a thank you message on the personalized gifts.

Gift Card: Give her a lunch or dinner card of her favorite restaurant or a restaurant close to her office so that she can have lunch redeem the gift card in her lunch hours. A gift card for shopping can also be given. Give the gift card of her favorite brand so that she can buy good stuff from there. Give the gift card with a thank you card to her conveying the message you want to share with her.

Custom Engraved Locket: A locket that is engraved with her name or initial and a thank you message in a paper can be given to her. This is a perfect way to convey the message to her as all women are fond of jewelry. You can choose from the various designs available in cocktail jewelry online or at a store near you.

Lucky Bamboo Plant: A unique and real gift t o say thank you is to gift a lucky bamboo plant which will last for several years. It just needs some water and it will grow and will give her happiness for a long time. Such plants need less maintenance and it wills not at all a burden for the woman you are gifting it. Attach a thank you note with it and explain the minimum requirements of the plant that it needs water and indirect sunlight.