Slimming Teas for Weight Loss

Weight Loss with TeaEveryone one of us has to deal with those extra pounds at some point in our lives. What can the better and more convenient way than just drinking the pounds away with a nice hot cup of tea? Sounds easy enough, just adding a couple of cups of tea to your daily routine, but how does tea drinking really work? Well a mixture of Lotus leaves mixed with a variety of other tea leaves has been used in Chinese medicine for preventing heatstroke and treating obesity.

Basically most slimming teas serve as natural diuretic or laxatives as their main focus is on food digestion, while eliminating the fat molecules. The tea helps your bowels to move by making your lower bowel to contract, which results in a movement. The feeling of being cleansed from the inside is a pleasant indeed. You can notice dramatic results in as little as just seven days of use. As an added advantage some of these teas also help to suppress appetite, a very important factor in reducing inches from your waistline. There is a large variety to choose from ranging from the most exotic and expensive to the basic which fit everyone’s budget more readily.

Besides losing weight there are many other added benefits to drinking these teas. They also help to reduce cholesterol, increase energy levels and cut down on the signs of aging by reducing the free radicals present in the body.  Certain teas are thought to be able to prevent cavities as well. An added benefit of these teas is that they are a natural product and used in moderation does not have any harmful side effects. The Oolong tea is tradition Chinese drink, taken after most meals.

Needless to say that these teas are a great way of supplementing your diet plan, but remember that there is no replacement for moderate sensible eating and exercising. In order to remain healthy you must keep yourself hydrated, and eat nutritious, balanced meals. Also remember to consult with your physician before starting any diet program.

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