Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight WomenWomen who have some extra pounds have to deal with two major challenges while choosing a hairstyle. The first one is to choose a cut that will give a slimming effect and secondly it will draw the attention away from the non-flattening facial features. Although there are several tips a hair stylist uses to make a face look slimmer and younger. The hairstyle should be such that will take away the attention from cheeks, neck and double chin. It should create an illusion of the length to make your face look slim. This is possible with some hairstyles.

Check out the Best Slimming Hairstyles for Overweight Women

Shag Cut

Shag cut is one of the best hairstyle for chubby faces and it looks stylish as well. Make sure that the hair is of shoulder length in a shag cut and the edges of hair get a light and bouncy curl to give frame to your face.

Layered Cut

Long layered cut is also very flattening as it elongates the face and gives a slimming effect. This hairstyle also minimizes the effect of double chin as it highlights the shoulder area and limp hair look bouncy. Avoid this haircut if you have short hair as it adds wideness to your face when hair doe not reach your shoulders.


Bangs should be light so that it can easily sweep away from one side to another. Heavy bangs give a fluffy look to chubby faces and diminish the length of your face. Textured scissors should be used in making bangs as it defines it in an amazing manner.

Straight Hairs

Straight flowing hair also suits overweight women as it gives a slim look to your face and draws the attention away from heavy shoulders as well. Avoid very long hair as it looks outdated. In case you have a square shaped face then use layers in your chart to emphasize the cheek bones and for round faces, one should try to give volume to the hair so that the face seems small.

Pixie Cut

In case you have short hair then a shorter, pixie cut with layers and texture is a good hairstyle and it needs less care. Curly hairstyle is not recommended for overweight females, but if you have natural curls in your hair then pixie cut is recommended to give emphasis more on the cheekbones and eyes. Give volume to the top part of the hair by using a hair styling gel.

Bob Cut

A bob cut is one of the hairstyles that draw the attention to your eyes but the layering should start at your chin or just below it. The layers of the bob cut should be shorter than the longest layer to give an anomalous look. A straight or blunt bob cut is not recommended so always ask your hair style to cut the front hair longer than the hair in the back to give a slimming effect to your face and get the attention on the fine facial features. Bangs with bob cut are recommended to reduce the visibility of the roundness of the face.