Skinny Jeans for Short Women

Skinny Jeans for Short WomenSkinny jeans are the best jeans for short or tall women. You can wear skinny jeans on any occasion. The latest trend is to wear skinny jeans by short women to look tall. Skinny jeans looks fashionable as well. This is the best type of jeans for short women. It goes well and pleases the eyes. But at the same time, you need to be careful about certain things while choosing skinny jeans. Here is the best advice on skinny jeans for short women.

Jeans for Short Women

Choose Color

Choose color carefully as some women look good in bright and vibrant colors while some look good only with dull and muted colors. Some women can wear colored skinny jeans while some cannot do so.

Measure the Hip Area

Short women should be worn with the right type of entire outfit. You should give a thought to the hue of the skinny jeans accurately. You should consider the hip area and measure it as if it is very wide then avoid wearing skinny jeans. This is an important thing as skinny jeans need to be in good fitting and as the waist can be adjusted but not the hip area as there is no more space around the hip area and there is always adequate cloth near the waist to adjust it. Shorter women should go for the right size of jeans as it gives a slimmer look and conveys a more pleasing impression of good height.

 Measure Inseam

Another important measuring thing is the inseam as it makes a lot of difference between a fitted pair of jeans and oversize jeans. You have to measure the inseam from the inside are of the thigh and hip area all along towards the feet. The best fitting you can get by skinny jeans is by measuring the inseam.

Avoid Patch Work jeans

Another type of jeans that one should avoid wearing is one that has patch work as it leads to breakage of legs into small parts which lead to the height even more short. Patches and patchwork designs interfere with the inseam of the body and the leg lines and make you even shorter.

Maintain Body Proportion

The silhouette should remain proportional all the times and one part of the body should not look larger than the other part of the body. Now to maintain this proportion you should wear top of the same color as your jeans. Do not go for mixing different types of colors and choose the best color that will give you a sleek look. Dark colors tend to give a more slim and tall effect in skinny jeans.

Wear Right Type of Footwear

Skinny jeans go best with footwear that has high heels. It will give you a tall look so always invest in high heels in which you feel comfortable for long hours. Wedge heels are recommended for persons that have a problem with stilettos as wedge heel is very comfortable for walking. Avoid wearing flat shoes with skinny jeans.