Simple Ways To Grow Your Nails Faster

Every woman wants to look beautiful and nails add to the beauty of your hands. You need to take great care of your nails to help them grow faster and healthier. On an average nail grow about 1/8 inch in a month and poor nail care and nail damage acts as an obstruction in the growth of nails. The state of health of nail tells the doctor about the overall health of a person.

Some of the tips that will help you to grow your nails fast are given here. These tips are very simple to recreate a professional look to you.

Give a nice shape to your nails: Shape your nails from the outer edge inclined in the middle. Try to move the shaper in one direction only rather than precepting it again back and forth as it damages the nail. Now the next step is to soak nails in warm water so as it makes less scraping on the pinkish part of the nail.

Condition your nails with cream: Use a moisturizer or hand cream on the nails and always keep a nail polish on your nails as it protects from splitting and cracking. Select a nail shape that is wide and in a square shape as the chances of breakage is less in wider shapes.

Healthy Diet: The food that you need must be healthy as a balanced eating habit avoids the deficiency of any important vitamin and minerals. Do not over fill your nails as it weakens them and increase the chances of other nail problems.

Massage nail beds: Every day gives a massage to the nail beds as it increases the blood circulation in them and the nail grows faster. It  can be done easily anywhere. Give ten seconds time to every nail.

Involve yourself in routine activities: Some of the activities like typing, playing a music instrument and different activities of household chores stimulate the nail growth. So just your involvement in the routine activities will help you to get a good growth of nails. But do not bite your nail as it will reverse the whole process of nail growth.

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