Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Shoulder Length Layered Hairstyles for Women Over 50Shoulder length hair is the best hair length and it can easily be transformed into different types of style. The use of layers in shoulder length hairstyle will give more volume and movement to the flat hair. It will suit on all types of personality whether chic, sophisticated, sporty or classy.

Medium Length Hairstyles Over 50

A shoulder-length layered haircut is versatile and easy to style. It gives a flattering look to women of all ages or face cut. A shoulder length needs less maintenance and less saloon visits then long or short hair. Check out shoulder length layered hairstyles for women over 50:

Shoulder-Length Bob: Shoulder length bob cut with layers frames the face accurately. You can wear this hairstyle with wispy or long bangs to the side. This type of hairstyle complements almost all types of facial cuts.

Asymmetrical Bob: In this type of hairstyle, the simple bob becomes a classic bob and gives a bold look. Even layers surround this cute hairstyle all around the sides of the face. Bangs in this hairstyle is made to fall across the forehead and hides wrinkles as well. This bob comes to the level of one’s shoulders.

Shoulder-Length Shag: A Shag cut is a hairstyle that can be layered into various lengths. The layers are made at the top and the sides depending upon the face cut of the women. It can be full around the crown and thin hair fringes around the edges of hair Shoulder length shag is recommended for women who have gotten thin hair and straight hair. Shag gives texture to the hair. Shoulder length shags needs low maintenance.

Long Layers: Shoulder length hair when made to cut in layers gives volume and versatility to hair. You can choose between chunky or smooth layers depending upon the texture of your hair. Smooth layers are recommended for professional look and chunky layers for a casual look. You can go for the advice of the hair stylist to check out the best option for a particular type of hair.

Free-Flowing Looks: Free flowing looks of shoulder length hair is a hairstyle that can be easily made with the help of some simple products like shine serum, comb, clip, brush and dryer. To make this hairstyle, apply a small amount of serum on your hair after drying your hair and then blow dry on medium heat to make your hair dry. With the help of comb, section the hair and clip remainder hair. Using a round brush, you can curl the edges of the hair. Women over 50 can use bangs to cover up the forehead and hide the wrinkles. To get a polished look, apply a few drops of serum on the hair.

Classic Updos: Shoulder length layered hairstyles is possible with classic updos. Accumulate some of your hair at the back of the neck and make a simple knotted low bun that will come across the shoulders. Loose ponytail can be tied around the bun and can be secured with the help of bobby pins. Use of accessories like headband, stylish rubber bands, and pins can be used to give a sizzling look.