Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick Hair

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 50 with Thick HairAn older woman should decide her hairstyle with due consideration. It is not so difficult to change the appearance of your face as hairstyles can make you look young or old. Some type of hairstyles highlights the features while some keep them out of place. Thick hair helps to retain the body and the features but they have a tendency to show signs of graying earlier than the thin hair. Some older women use dye to prevent them from graying while if they have got naturally light hair then they can use highlights or lowlights to camouflage gray. Here you can check out the best short hairstyles for women over 50 with thick hair.

Hairstyles for Women Over 50 With Thick Hair

Short Bob CutShort Bob Cut: A short bob is one of the best hairstyle for women over 50. Short hairstyles take away the focus from hair to face. A layered bob cut is the best choice as it will give volume to the face for a healthier look. Highlights or swept bangs can also be done with short bob cut.

Shallow front fringesShallow Front Fringes: Shallow front fringes will give a soft look to your face. A shallow front fringe will do wonders for a short hairstyle. This hairstyle is very good hairstyles for females who have got blonde or brown hair.

Playful blondePlayful Blonde: Some of your forehead will be covered by the playful waves used in this type of hairstyle. This will draw the attention away from wrinkles on the face to the hairstyle. Lot of waves when used in this type of hairstyle will give diva look to your face.

Side parted mature hairstyleSide Parted Mature Hairstyle: Side partition bob cut is a good choice amongĀ women over 50. Make a partition with your hair right at the edge of your face.

Short cropShort Crop: A mature women with heavy features and thick hair should go for short crop hairstyle. A cropped hairstyle needs less care and it is an easy hairstyle for mature women.

Puffed and Short: A short puffed hairstyle look good on women over 50.This type of hairstyle is possible only for women who have got thick hair as puff is not possible in thin hair.