Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Square Faces

Short Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Square FacesIf you are blessed with square face then you should feel yourself lucky as it is most common type of face and also so many popular celebrities in past and even in present has square face with angular jawline. Even in the older age this face shape will make you look elegant. Your hairstyle is what that helps you to look best or worst so to choose the best one for you is a difficult task. You can take a look at the below mentioned short hairstyles for women over 40 with square faces.

Hairstyles For Square Face Shapes

Asymmetrical Layers- Women who have long faces can’t get away the long hair but you are lucky as you will look even more beautiful in long hair. You can adopt the look with ultra-long layers to look sexy. You can or not make them perfect from sides because the styles tell you to make asymmetrical layers as it would put hard effect.

Angled Bob- It is a kind of mono-length bob and it is little severe on square face shapes. If you love to have then asked your stylist for the same and then she would provide you angled cut having long pieces in front and also it would gradually get shorter when towards the back. In place of making it look wide, the hairstyle will give length to your face.

Voluminous Bob- This particular haircut has flattering illusion as the long hairs are pinned under. When you take a look then it will look like you have a cut. In this haircut have soft and loose waves which would go around the face and provides disseminating effect.

Graduated Layers- If you are having a strong jawline then you can keep your hair near to your face as it would help to make it softer. It clearly doesn’t mean that you have to cover all your face under your hair but you need to play with them. You have to showcase your face without highlighting squareness as the shortest layers is cut even near your chin. You can also apply a styling cream to get more wonderful look.

Long Layers– If you have square shaped face  and has too short layers then remember one thing these layers will even give your face more wider look and so you have to choose long layers as they are perfect for you. Long layers help to spotlight the face even without creating and breaks or sections that distract. To get even smoother look you can use a straightening balm over your hair before using blow dryer over them.

Eye Skimming Bangs- You should not rely upon too blunt bangs that will accentuate square jaws. You can use side swept and breezy bangs by taking the edge off angular lines. The bangs will have softer screen which will drag the attention to your eyes.

Off Center Part- If you do experiment with part then it would help to make the size of face look small or bigger (according to your desire). If you have long layers then you need to create a part even with the inner corner of your eye. You can also switch sides after gap of some days. This will also encourage volume at the roots.