Screen Test Iphone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3

Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3

The phone 5 is out in the market but this smartphone already has a competitor in the market and it is Samsung Galaxy S3 which has already sold around 20 million products in the initial 100 days of its launch. The screen test of both of these smartphone is done with the help of various types of measurement techniques and software to check the screens.

Screen Test Iphone 5 Vs Samsung Galaxy S3Apple iPhone 5 vs. Samsung Galaxy S3 The iphone 4 launched the  concept of Retina(high resolution) which offers a high resolution image and other smartphone manufacturers are struggling to get a good technology to improve the screen quality.  Apple offers 326 pixel-per-inch phone screens which are based on the IPS LCD screen technology and to beat this Samsung launched AMOLED technology which is based on OLED technology. This is one of the best utilization of AMOLED so far. Further screening tests and study have shown major differences between the two competitors but the advantages and limitations has proved that iphone 5 screens are better than the Samsung galaxy S3 and the conclusions that are derived from the study are given here:

IPhone 5 is brighter: The brightness helps to handle brighter ambient light conditions when a person is travelling or under some bright lights that lies above his/her head.

Samsung galaxy S3 gives realistic black shade: The AMOLED technology of this smartphone gives a realistic shade of black than the one used in iPhone 5. The ambience where the lights are very dim or the dark room areas can get a significant benefit from this feature.

Natural color of phone 5: The iphone 5 gives a panoramic view of the pictures, videos and other user content on the screen. It produces high quality and natural shades while Samsung galaxy S3 over saturates the colors.

Resolutions: The resolution of phone 5 is 1,136 x 640 resolutions and that of Samsung Galaxy S3 is 1280 x 720 resolution. It depends on your purpose of buying a smartphone that how much resolution you need.

The Samsung galaxy S3 is wider than phone 5 but it may be too wide for some hands like that of females as it is 7.6 cm wide. The phone 5 will give you a feel of a larger screen without making the screen wide.