Samsung announces Jelly Bean update plans for American Galaxy S III users

Galaxy S IIIAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean

Jelly BeanSamsung Telecommunication America, LLC are known as the best phone provider in United States and on the other hand subsidiary of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. is best smartphones provider all around the world. Even their commitment to provide best they now publicizes that Android 4.1 Jelly Bean would come to Galaxy S III devices very soon in US. As the scheduling are in the hands of carries so we can guess it would take couple of months. The great news is that, one of the US carriers has been able to get the update in a timely fashion. Even Sprint says that they are the first ones from all the US carriers who are offering Jelly Bean to owners of Galaxy S III. Even as an OTZ update, Android 4.1 is also available now.

Android platform is now boosted by Jelly Bean and it is pleasant news for users of Galaxy S III. Even it has a new wonderful feature which is Google and with the help of it we will now be able to get information about schedules of public transportations and traffic condition which has become a nuisance now a days. It also has expandable notifications, resizable widgets and Android beam too.

Even so many new and attractive features will soon be added with that. The camera of the new model is improved as have new filters like cold and warm vintage, sepia, black and white, color highlights and so on which surely be loved by artists. It also has easy mode and will be easy to use for first time users too. But it is not said yet that when the other carriers will hit Galaxy S III. T- Mobiles are good enough and perhaps will be the next.