Relief For Sore Eyes

home remedies for sore eyesSore eyes can be a bothersome problem to have. Not only is it an irritating ailment to deal with, but if not properly treated can lead to the worsening of the eye condition.

Most sore eyes consist of the one or more of the following symptoms; a lot of itching, redness of the eyes, dryness of the eyes, watering of the eyes, pain that may lead to headaches, distorted eye vision and in really bad cases, excretion of pus from the eyes.

Let’s visit the causes of these sore eyes and some ways to provide relief from this condition.

Sore eyes can be brought about by nature. During some seasons of the year like begin of summer, a lot of pollen is in the air which causes allergic reactions to people. These allergies include runny nose, itchy/sore throats and itchy watery eyes. Other pollutants in the air like dust particles; vehicle/factory emissions etc. can be responsible for soreness of the eyes. Allergies such as these do bring about sensitivity to the eyes as well, especially where bright light is involved. This may also lead to headaches.

Another cause for sore eyes is infection from one individual to another. Young children are susceptible to a number of infections including pink eye, a common eye infection. This infection can also be contracted by adults, and leads to sore, red, itchy eyes.

That’s not all; staring at a computer for a long period of time while working, can bring about sore eyes. Due to the strain caused on the eyes, this may lead to hazy vision as well as headaches.

Cleaning detergents, shampoos, soaps and body washes can be very irritating in the eyes. They cause a burning sensation to the eyes, in addition to itchiness and redness of the eyes.

To provide relief from the above eye conditions, a few safe self help methods can be performed. In cases where the soreness is caused by allergies, there are eye drops and allergy medications that are available to relief the itching and soreness. Make sure you follow the instructions on the pack so as not to over medicate. Try not to scratch your eyes, though the itchiness is irritating, because this only makes the infection worse.

Be careful when using cleaning paraphernalia. If it happens that you get any soap, shampoo or cleaning detergent in your eyes, gently flash some cold water into your eyes to clean it out.

For the pink eye infection, it is best to visit an eye doctor so as to get the best prescription for your condition. However, avoid sharing towels, eye wear and such with anyone who may have the infection. Dabbing a cool soaked towel on your eyes may help ease the itchy, burning sensation.

Lastly, when spending time on your computer, try and take frequent breaks to avoid strain on your eyes. If you wear contact lenses, ensure that they do not get too dry as this will affect your eyes as well.