Reduction of Belly Fat through Yoga Asanas

Yoga to Reduce Belly FatIn order to reduce your belly fat, there are numerous asanas which needs to be applied in an appropriate manner. With the help of the asans, you can lighten away your belly fat without much effort. Yoga is regarded as a tool of cutting down belly fat as well as is stress reliever. Your working potentialities against diseases are also enhanced. If you keep your eyes fixed on curtailing weight of your stomach, without being delayed, go for executing yoga, and get the most of it.

At the outset, doing light and easy exertion will be comfortable for you, as time proceeds, you can piecemeal start doing the warmer exercise, thus your body will get flexibility and become harder psychologically. As your learning period gets over, you must be attracted towards those exercises which are especially designed for reducing the fat of belly.

Surya Namaskar

To begin with, all the sessions of yoga asanas begin with Surya Namaskar or sun greeting. Sun Namaskar is recognized as a first step of yoga which makes our body flexible and offers energy to our body. As such every yoga doers must do it but it is good for beginners. By way of doing it, you can learn how to focus your mind on your target.

Utthan Pada Asana

Utthan pada asana is one of the best yoga for the stomach, thus weight can be reduced in a good amount if it is done in consistent manner. Not only stomach will get help but also the trouble of your spine be eliminated. In case you have severe problem in your spine, you do not need to lift your both legs together, in this situation, one leg can be lifted so that there will be no stress on your spine.

Paschimothan Asana (The Forward Bend)

As its names reflects its work, in Sanskrit “paschim” means back and “uthan” means stretch. It offers complete stretch to the entire back of the body, from top to bottom. At the outset, it is tough for the doers, so they can do it in easy way. If their belly comes out, they face a lot of difficulty. If you have intention to reduce your weight from belly, you must do it. It will reduce your weight as well as making you fit.

And there are other yogas, which are dedicated to reducing weight and their names are:

1.            Bhunanga

2.            Sarya

3.            Matsya