Punk Fashion For Girls

Punk fashion is the style of clothing, hairstyles, cosmetics and body modifications that is very popular in Punk subcultures. This culture is against the norms as the punk style is unusual.  Punk fashion is influenced by the groups of Glam rock, rude boys, greasers, mods and skinheads. This fashion is commercialized at various times and fashion designers like Vivienne Westwood and Jean Paul Gaul tier has used the elements of the punk culture. The punk fashion is  based on ripping, pinning, tearing and simply destroying clothes so you can start punk fashion by wearing your old clothes and then attaching safety pins and patches to make it a sexy rock dress.

Some of the punk tips for girls are given as follows:

Punk Hairstyles: The hairstyles of punk can be made with short spike hair, Mohawk and a faux hawk. In all these styles short hair is combined with the center portion of the scalp to give a Mohawk look. In case you have long hair, like most of the girls have then you can style your hair as a ponytail, bold and big bangs and asymmetrical cuts. These hairstyles can be made with different hair colors like black, blonde or any unnatural colors. These styles can be made better by using bright and unnatural hair tones. You can dye your hair in any color you want in punk fashion.

Punk Clothing: The simple form of punk clothing is to dress up in denim or punk band T-shirts and plaid. Some girls wear plaid skirts in bright shades and accessorize it with beautiful pins, hangings or studs. These skirts can be paired with vintage or corset style shirts. Some other popular punk clothing includes check and printed clothing’s cuts in different types of dresses. In winters, Black leather jackets with zippers or studs are very popular.

Punk Accessories: Some of the famous punk accessories are fishnet tights with bright makeup, arm or leg warmers, wristbands, stud belts, heavy chains and bracelet and body piercing. The punk footwear includes heavy boots, skating shoes, retro style footwear with high heels and platforms having zippers and studs.