Prom Dresses to Wear With Cowboy Boots

Prom Dresses to Wear With Cowboy BootsNothing freshens up one’s wardrobe more than a fantastic pair of cowboy boots. And to team them up with a great prom dress, from something conventionally feminine to something edgier and bratty can really spice up the evening. Cowboy boots can be an awesome accessory if carried off well with the right dress for prom night but one has to be really careful on the look she is trying to project and for that, the entire get up has to be flawless. Here are some really good prom dresses to wear with cowboy boots:

What to Wear with Cowboy Boots

The flowing gown with cowboy boots:

For the romantic look, you have to get an ultra-feminine, fairy like dress or may be gown with floral or some such cute print and preferably having colors that are soft on the eyes. The dark leather boots and the delicate quality of the dress will work together as an enticing contrast. Have your hair down and flowy and throw some chunky jewelry to the mix. If the weather is a bit colder, you can put on a little denim jacket. Thus, you have yourself a really cool but casual looking outfit that won’t seem overdone and instead look like an effortless choice.

 Shorts and cowboy boots:

If you plan to look uber-chic and hipster-edgy, then this is look you got to settle for. Get hold of high waist, printed shorts. Team it up with a crisp white shirt and a clutch bag that’s oversized to give the feeling that you just strolled into the party. Floral prints work pretty well for this one but you can also experiment with colorful animal or native prints. A cute necklace and stylish nail polish would be the icing on the cake.

Glittery gowns and the boots:

For this one, go pink. Go pink on the gown, and make sure it shines and sparkles. But also make sure it’s tasteful and not loud and garish to be a turn-off. The cowboy boots should have an earthy color and decorated with soft, floral print patterns. Throw in a nice pair of long earrings, preferably crystal drop, and a gold bracelet, if you can manage one and your princess look will be complete.

Backless gowns with the ‘boot’ish touch:

Now this one is a bit hard to pull off, but if you do pull it off, you can end up being the showstopper on prom night. Go for the classic long flowing red backless gown and put on black leather boots. Doll up your eyes with a lot of kohl liner and have your hair shiny and tightly pulled back. Cut off on the jewelry but not on a pair of light, minimalist earrings preferably gold. And to top it off, perk up your lips with rich red lipstick and that should pretty much do it.

Cowboy boots is a pretty unconventional choice for teaming up with a prom dress, because there’s the issue of dancing and wedges and high heels have usually been the preferred footwear for prom but times they’re a changing’, and a really comfortable pair of cowboy boots (that’s not made of hard leather for that would be kind of difficult to manage for young girls in a hall full of people partying) can look attractive with the right prom dress, be it a formal gown or a fancy shirt.