Products for Overweight People

Products for Overweight People

I think every obese person have heard these lines some time in their life, this is not made for big fat dudes, even the people who are plus size are living in the world which comparatively minute. Most of the products made or available in market are created to keep the comfort of normal in mind and so overweight has to face difficulties. Here we will discuss some of the products which target the overweight individuals.

Oversize Products for Overweight People

Strong Adjustable Seats Today a variety of furniture is available for plus size people. Usually recliners are 36 inches wide but some of the latest ones are even 53 inches wide and it is almost double and comfortable for overweight people. Not only extra width makes it appropriate for heavy people but it’s the weight capacity is also increased and having thicker foam and extra springs.

Plus Size Portals- Malls and other places have revolving and sliding doors and are usually wide enough but in some places they are even using more wider doors. There are about 2 feet wide doors available which prove very helpful for larger people.

Even Fashion has to go Wider- Plus size clothing lines are made especially for obese or overweight people. Even the cost of these is not too much. Also, it saves from visiting your tailor and plus point is you are in fashion now. About 20% of women’s clothing sales provide variety in their products.

Seat-belt Extenders- As the problem of obesity is increasing very rapidly, about 32% of men and 35% of women are becoming obese so, the demand of bigger products has also increased. Whenever you travel in plane, there are seatbelt extenders available for the usage of obese people. They are made by such idea that it can extend the normal belt’s length up to 27 inches.

High bulky heels- Our hands and feet also grows according to our weight and now, there is a need of stylish footwear which will complement the dress. Also, extra weight put pressure over the feel so the footwear’s should be comfortable but now there are more wider and longer shoes made which support the foot and make it free from strain.

Over-sized Umbrella- If your body is big then the protection you are trying to get from umbrella should also be big and this is the concept behind making bigger umbrellas. The new bigger umbrellas are with 68 inches diameter and it is 50% more wide than the normal sized umbrella.

Bigger Bikes- Cycling is good exercise but usually bikes used by the normal people are not comfortable for overweight people. So, here is variety of wide cycles available in the market. They have more capacity up to 200 pounds and more durable. This can be wonderful exercise equipment for obese. Theracycle 200 is the good example of this as this provides healthy workout for whole body and it is specially made for obese people. People weighing 550 pounds can use this cycle for workout.