Nose Piercing After Care Tips

Nose Piercing AftercareBody piercing is the latest trend amongst the youngsters these days, and nose piercing is the most popular one. Happy to have followed a new trend, most people forget the after care prescribed to them. The trouble faced later reminds them of the lost prescription. So here we are to help you in taking care of your newly pierced nose.

The first thumb rule is: always touch your piercing with clean hands. For cleaning the piercing , one should clean it with luke warm saline solution , that is  readily available in the market, 2 to 3 times a day. You may also use some antiseptic lotion or antiseptic soap for cleaning. After this pat it dry with a clean cotton bud or a clean tissue or a disposable paper towel. Remember to remove all the crustings from inside, as well as outside of the nose piercing. A clean ear bud will serve your purpose better .Use separate buds for   inside and outside of the nose.

When you are done with the cleaning, your piercing will feel dry, so moisten it with 2 drops of Lavender oil . This oil will lubricate the piercing and accelerate the healing process as well. These wounds generally heal in 4 to 6 weeks time. After a week, you can try to move or rotate the nose pin or nose ring you are wearing. In case you feel some pain and swelling in the nose, take a pain killer or an anti – inflammatory pill like Combiflam.

You should not try to change the nose jewellery during the healing period as this delays the healing process and it can get infected and   form lumps too. Do not rub the nose too hard or remove or pull the crusts till the wound gets healed. For six months, one should not remove the jewellery for more than a day as the hole will get closed. The piercing should not come in direct contact with make -up, sunscreens, hair sprays, cleansers, or perfumes.

We are sure if you follow these rules, you will experience only gain and no pain.

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