Next Nintendo Wii To Feature 3D

Nintendo Wii 3d GameThe Nintendo 3DS is not even out yet, its’ features and specifications not fully released to the public and already the president of the company is looking to come out with a new Wii console that will play 3D games. Company President, Satour Iwata stated that the image quality is very poor if a 3D image is displayed, so they are going to wait till the next system instead of making the Wii compatible. He also said that these features are only feasible once the 3D television adoption rate crosses the 30% mark.

The president believes that playing games with 3D certainly comes with benefits. He feels it is easier to get your sense of location and when you stretch the game to the television screens, also it significantly increases the control capacity compared to non 3D. He thinks that this is not just a passing fad but here to stay because it gives us the perception of images that are closer to what we see in our day to day life, and that’s why 3D will be the mainstream of gaming. Only time will tell if he is on the right track or no!

The Nintendo Wii has been out for some time now is really due for an upgrade, and naturally the next logical review of the console would require 3D technology since they have made such a big deal of their hand held, no glasses required 3DS. Common sense says that Nintendo can’t go backwards and use a glasses-based three dimensional console, they will have to wait until they can come up with something that does not require glasses.

Which is fine since it is hard to believe that even the 3D televisions will be a household item until they can get rid of the glasses. Having to put up with glasses is a bit cumbersome!  Being able to show the 3D effect to a group of people is something even the 3DS is not capable of doing at the moment. These types of features and specifications will require major review of the current technology and obviously require some time.