Natural Remedies for Backache

Natural Remedies for BackacheBackache or back pain is one of the most common health issues which can result in common pain. Sometimes the pain becomes so severe that the patient feels unable to bear the pain. Then you have the problems in bending down and even in sideways. In that kind of situation you have to keep the following things in mind and live a pain free life.

Wheat- Take some wheat and soak it in water overnight along with ½ of its quantity of cuscus grass and also with ½ of the amount of coriander. Next morning, mix them all and add in 4 cups of milk. After that boil it until 2/3 of the whole quantity left. Now, the remedy is ready. This natural remedy is analgesic and so it is helpful in relieving the back pain and also it is helpful in improving digestion.

Honey- Take a cup of warm water and add a spoon of honey in it. Now, have it as it is one of the finest home remedies for backache.

Cuscus Grass- Take some cuscus grass and add same amount of sugar in it. Mix them and have it two times in a day with 5 grams of warm milk. This is an effective natural remedy for backache.

Castor Oil- Massage the paining area with castor oil and the reason is that it is effective for getting relief from both pain and inflammation.

Exercise- Exercise is necessary for having good health and also it provide you relief from back pain too. You can also brisk walk as it keeps the spine muscles strong and also it helps in strengthening the whole vertebral column.

Sleep Posture- You have to be careful while you sleep as a bad sleeping posture is the main cause of backache. Don’t use a very hard or very soft bed so that your spine doesn’t get rest properly. Don’t bend directly to pick anything from the ground and in place of that you have to bend down on your knees to pick it up as it will keep the spine away from undue pressure.

Herbal oil- Herbal oils can provide you relax from backache. Massage the area with oils using knuckles and slowly increase pressure. For few minutes keep it as it is, then it will give you comfort by relaxing the muscles and also it takes away tension.

Ice Pack- Take some ice cubes. Now, tie them in masculine cloth. Apply this bag on the pain effective area in the 24 hours of an injury if you have any. Also, it keeps the inflammation minimum. The discomforts your face because of backache can also be cured as it lessen the ability of nerves to send pain signals to brain. You can also put the cubes in plastic bag. Now, spread a towel on the affected area and then place the bag of ice over it. Leave that bag there as it is for next 20 minutes. For next 30 minutes take relax and after that put one more bag for next 20 minutes.