Natural Odor Eliminator

Natural Odor EliminatorSometimes you want your home smelling fresh without having to use fancy air fresheners that fade away too quickly. Well, now I’m going to show you a few quick and easy ways to make your own natural odor eliminators! We’ll show you a few methods to make your own natural odor eliminating sprays and a few tricks to keep your house smelling fresh.

Make Your Own Natural Odor Eliminator

Recipe One

For a scented natural odor eliminator, put twelve-twenty drops of a citrus or floral scented essential oil into a bowl with one-half cup of vinegar and one and a half cups of water. Mix everything up and put it in a spray bottle and you’ll have an easy, natural odor eliminator.

Recipe Two

If you don’t want it to be scented, then mixed four tablespoons of an unscented, natural, fabric softener with water and put it in a sixteen ounce spray bottle. You can use any brand of fabric softener that you prefer.

Recipe Three

If you want another quick way to get odors out of your house, mix vodka and water into a spray bottle. Use a one-to-one ratio, and preferably a cheap vodka. Once the spray dries, it will become odorless and take away any odors that might be lingering. Always use this in a well-ventilated area so that it can dry fairly quickly. If you use it in an enclosed area like your closet or inside your car, the smell can be overpowering as you wait for it to dry.

Recipe Four

If you don’t want to use a spray and would rather keep your house smelling fresh all the time, try buying some flowers. If you put flowers out around your house, not only will you make your rooms look even better, but their natural scent will make the rooms smell better, too! They probably won’t overpower any strong odors that might linger, but they’ll keep the rooms generally smelling fresh.

Recipe Five

Another easy method to keep your home smell nice is to leave your windows open. Assuming you don’t live in a swamp, letting some fresh air go through your home will bring in fresh scents and push out nasty odors. This is probably one of the most natural odor eliminators you can use. What can be more natural than letting Mother Nature do the work for you?

These are only a few of the ways you can remove odors without using a ton of poisonous chemicals. Each of these methods will work as an effective natural odor eliminator.