Mountain Bikes for Overweight People

Cycling is known as the best program to lose weight and along with that obese people feel a bit difficult to sit on normal bicycles. Even some of the people could not be able to find the right one for them. That’s why there are some of the cycles presenting here for overweight people.

The Steely by KonaThe Steely by Kona

Steely is a mountain bike having heavy sturdy steel frame along with stronger wheels. People who feel as they are obese can’t choose a bicycle should change their opinion as this bike is meant for them. Today most of the bicycles are made with aluminum and carbon fiber which suits the average people. But this bike was introduces decade back and is a classic 26 inch wheel steel hard tail and is perfectly suitable for overweight riders. The cost of the Steely is $1349.

Honzo by KonaHonzo by Kona

Kona has presented one more bicycle having sturdy frames which are made of a Honzo (a type of steel). It is a wonderful mountain bicycle for overweight people. Those who were looking for a perfect mountain bicycle for long time should remember that their search has come to end as this is what which will fulfill your desire to do mountain biking. Honzo has beyond vogue slack 68 degree head tube angle, short chain stays and low bottom bracket. The cost of Honzo is $1799.

Super-Sized BicyclesSuper-Sized Bicycles- Joan Denizot was obese and was not able to find any bicycle for her and then in frustration she discovered the cycle. These are the cycles presented by a Vermont based company. This one specifically meant for big riders. They also manufacture adult tricycles and electric bikes too.

Flite 747 by KHSFlite 747 by KHS

Lennard Zinn designed the model KHS Flite 747 and is suitable for big and even tall riders. It can bear the weight of rider up to 250 pounds. Bicycle has tight steel frame and this feature gives it more steadiness even riding at high speed. Most of the large and heavy people have to face this but if using the KHS 747 then free from the same. The cost of the bicycle is $1699.

Worksman CyclesWorksman Cycles

This kind of bicycles usually come for industrial use and is long lasting. So, is the reason they work for long in good condition. In Northern America, Worksman INB is very popular and also has powerful frame and thickest spokes on any bicycle. A man with 400 lbs can ride the bicycle with some small additions like Kevlar belted tires, crank bearings and puncture resilient tubes because these small additions will make your ride even more pleasant. The cost of these bicycles starts from $349. Another Bicycle from the same company is worksman Mover Industrial Tricycle and it is able to handle the ride even weights 500 lbs. the cost of these ones starts from $839. You have chance to tailor the cycle with your specifications.

Above mentioned is some of the great mountain bicycles for overweight people. The designs mentioned here are able to carry even 550 pounds weight. For the safety purposes the cycles are more reliable as have solid seat, strong durable frames and resilient wheels. Regular cycling over these bicycles can prove a wonderful exercise program for the obese people.

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