Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50

Mid Length Haircuts for Women Over 50A medium length hair length falls just below the jaw line and rests on the shoulders. This much length of hair look attractive in female of all ages as it is simple and needs less maintenance. You can choose a hairstyle for different occasions when you have mid length hair. In case you need quick hairstyles then you can make a quick ponytail.

Do you think that after completing 50 years of age you cannot go for ultra short or extra long hair? Then the answer is there is no real rule for keeping your hair long or short when it comes to age. However, the mid length haircuts for women over 50 are more popular and suits much on older women. Mid length is more versatile than short hair and perfect for older women. Here you can check out the best recommended hairstyles for women over 50:

Smooth hairstyle with layers or waves

A smooth hairstyle looks good with the bouches. It is shoulder skimming and of medium length with layers. It frames the face and hides the wrinkles of the face. Classic waves give a wonderful look to the mature woman to who wants to showcase a sexy side. Waves can come down to the shoulders or you can pull up the hair for a formal look. Upward bent edges with flirty vibes can also be used in this hairstyle.

Sleek bob cut

A sleek bob cut is recommended for females in the workplace or have to play an active role in the life. This is because of the reason that it needs minimum maintenance and care. Side swept bangs can be added in this hairstyle to cover up the cheekbones. Bangs add style to any hairstyle.

Blunt Cut with Highlights

A blunt mid length hair cut is an awesome hairstyle for women over 50.The use of highlights in this hairstyle will make it a classic hair up do and will give a natural look to the facial features. These hairstyles also denotes that the women cares for her looks and is always on the lookout to try for something different that will suit her appearance. This is one of the most attractive hairstyle for women over 50.Highlights helps to give a boost to the hairstyle especially when highlights come closer to one’s face.


A pageboy hairstyle should be chosen when you need a classic hair up do. This hairstyle is meant for women who are socially active as this hairstyle needs minimal maintenance and gives a simple and sober look to your face. Ragged bangs or fully trimmed bangs can be used with this hairstyle. Wrinkles of the forehead will also be covered by this type of hairstyle.

Curly Bob

Curly bob hairstyle touches the shoulders and exposes the ear area of the woman. This suits mature women who wants to show off her forehead and has no wrinkles on forehead. It gives a bold look of the women over 50 and signals that she is active. It can be possible with natural curls or artificial curls.