Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Thick Hair

Medium Hairstyles for Women Over 40 with Thick HairAge can’t decide whether you can look good or not. Even in your 40s you can look stunning, sexy and self-assured and go at the top of the game. So no need to look back as you can make a dramatic change with a special haircut. Here mentioned are some of the medium hairstyles for woman over 40 with thick hair.

Most Flattering Haircuts for Women in Their 40s

Short hair– If you have no problem in chopping your hair then short hair is perfect option for you. It will not only increase the sex appeal but also make a hint of sportiness. You should avoid using hair gels and mousse as it will make your hair stiff, in place of that you can use styling creams that has light hold. Short hair is helpful to make you look tall.

Long Bob with Bangs-This particular hairstyle suits the people those who are professional and fashionable. This cut in not very short and so give a little bounce too hair. To look more beautiful in place to cutting the bangs straight tell your stylist to slightly round your bangs to your face. You can also keep that in shape using the styling gel.

Shoulder Length- Classic shoulder length cut is perfect match for those who wants to remain in style. Also, it doesn’t need much maintenance hence you can style it in so many ways. You can even make a ponytail if at workplace or no need to showcase your style. And when you will open your hair the beautiful curls will enhance your style. You can also choose the length to one cut or long layers because it would give overall bounce.

Long and Straight- Millions of ladies over 40 are choosing the same long layered cuts for her. This particular hairstyle has straight with layers which has around the front, the curls goes lengthy at back and have blunt ends. Layering is important to look cool but it should not go too far down.

Long Waves– So many people thought that the long waves are not in fashion and also not look stylish but it is no true. These sexier curves are able to make you look even sexier. To make the long length hairstyle even more beautiful you have to keep textured layers in front. By this way, it would open up at the faces and waves will go loose like flowing. You are suggested to deep condition your hair at least once a week so that they keep on flowing.

Layered Bob- Most of the women have thought she can’t look like a chic when in her 40 but this classic hairstyle give you that appearance. The most happening thing about the hairstyle is that it needed very less maintenance. For working ladies it is the best option as you need not to spend extra time in making your hair. But people who have long face should use the same hairstyle but with longer version. Chin length bobs are perfect option for those having angular and petite face. Those who love to have edgier look can go with longer length towards the front and short layers in the back.