Makeup Tips For Girls With Glasses

Makeup Tips For Girls With GlassesSpecial care has to be given to do make up for girls who wear glasses as they have to adjust all the makeup things with the glasses. They have to adopt a perceptive approach to makeup. The style that has to be adopted for the makeup also depends upon the type of frames you used to wear. Check out some of the simple tips to wear makeup with glasses.

Best Makeup Tips For Women Women Who Wear Glasses

Keep the makeup simple: When a person wear glasses then the attention is more on to the eyes so make sure that the makeup is simple and defined as excessive make up will clash with your glasses.

Use concealer and foundation: The key to good makeup is good skin .The skin should be clean and look moisturized as lack of moisturize on the skin gives it a dull look. So for this ,you should use a concealer to hide the blemishes on the skin and a shimmering foundation to give a glow to your skin. The foundation should be applied evenly on all over the face. Blush can be used on the cheeks to give a glow to your cheeks.

how to wear makeup with glassesGroom your eyebrows: The eyebrows must be groomed properly as the frames of the glasses draw the attention towards the shape of the eyebrows. You can use a same color eye pencil of the eyebrows to fill the holes or spots in the eyebrows.

Curl your eyelashes: The eyelashes should be curled before the application of mascara on it .The mascara is used to lengthen the eye lashes and it will look good on properly curled eye lashes. The lash curler should be used carefully as not to hit the lens of the eyes.

Adjust liner and choose an eye shadow according to the frames: If your frames are thick then the liner should be thick to upper lash to make your eyes stand out and if the frames are thin then a balance should be created between the thickness of the liner and the frame. For dark color frames, the shade of the eye shadow should be such that complement your eyes and the frame color. One of the basic colors of the eye shadows that suits on all types of glasses is ashy neutral.