Latest Hairstyles for Women Over 50

Latest Hairstyles for Women Over 50Hairstyles play an important role in the appearance of a woman. If a women is more than 50 years of age then she should make a decision on her hairstyle very carefully as not all hairstyles will suit her. Some other considerations that should be kept in mind while choosing a hairstyle are the facial structure, type of hair and lifestyle. After 50, due to hormonal changes, woman tends to have thin hair so choose a hairstyle that fits in your hair texture as well. Consider hairstyles like a bob cut with bangs that will also cover up the wrinkles on your face. Here you will find the best and latest hairstyles for older women:

Cool Hairstyles for Women Over 50


Layering is a good hairstyles and layers will fall across your face with some slightly back and upward. These hairstyles soften the facial features. Some older women think that they should go for a hairstyle in which their hair will come close to face and hide the loosening jaw line. But it should be done in a manner in which the front portion becomes slightly short around the face and then layered in back. Use of round brush while making hairstyles is recommended as it fluffs up your hair and takes the attention away from aging area of face.

Color your Hair

After the age of 50 hair starts becoming gray in color and lot of females dip her head into black dye. But they ignore the fact that too dark hair make them look more aged. So go for a lighter color. Pale skin colored women can use darker shades while dark skinned and olive skinned women should choose from variety o colors like burgundy, blonde, brown etc. as it flatters your skin and make you look radiant.

Short and Chunky Hair updo

To deal with the aging effects, a short and chunky hair up do is one of the good hairstyles as it gives more focus on one’s eyes rather than the jaw line and wrinkles. In case you want to have a long cut then also consider having it in an up do to neutralize the aging effects. Short shag and layered crop are also good short and chunky latest hairstyles for women over 50.

Bob Cut

Bob cut is the most recommended hairstyle for women over 50 as it needs minimum maintenance and care. A woman can choose between chin lengths, long or shoulder length according to her hair texture and length. You can have this hairstyle with or without bangs and hair can be tuck behind ears or loosen according to your convenience.


An older woman mostly have thin hair so keeping them long and straight is not a good idea as it will highlight the bald patches. So go for a curly look by giving your hair a volume. You can choose volumizing shampoos and other hair styling products to give your hair more lift. Hair clip can be used to place the curls over the problem areas.