Kapalbhati for weight loss

Kapalbhati for Weight LossYoga is a system of exercise that through various postures, rituals and breathing exercises promotes spiritual unity and a sound body and mind. It has many wonderful asanas and pranayamas and one of them is Kapalbhati pranayama. It is a form of breathing exercise, which has been practiced by yogis since thousand years.

It can cure various diseases like cancer, diabetes and asthma. This form of breathing exercise dates back to yoga sutras of sage Patanjali but has been revived by swami Ramdev. It is one of the six pranayams where Kapal means head and Bhati means light. It is a form of exercise where our mind becomes clear and luminous, pure and healthy.

Everyone can practice this exercise irrespective of his or her age. However, some important precautions are held for pregnant women, heart patients, dizziness and high blood pressure. The area where you do this pranayama should be a peaceful environment. It can be near a riverbank, your own lush green garden, or a neat and clean room. What you need while you do this type of exercise is circulation of fresh air so that you inhale fresh oxygen.

Kapal bhati should be practiced in morning in an empty stomach. The clothes should not be tight and sticking to your body. Wear loose clothing, which is comfortable for you. While you perform this asana, make sure that your spinal bone is straight. People having arthritis or any inflammation in joints can do this asana sitting on a chair. In this asana, the body should be relax and not stressed out. Inhale normally and exhale forcefully out.

The main point in this exercise is that your belly should be rising up when you breathe in. if you do not do so, the air remains high in your lungs. This asana is very good for weight loss too. This gives alternate stretching and compression to the stomach muscles. The main point lies on how perfectly you perform this exercise. If you do this exercise correctly and systematically, it is assured that, you will find good results within few weeks. This is a very good exercise in maintaining the equilibrium between the body and mind.