How Yoga can help in Hair Growth

Yoga for Hair GrowthThere are many people who are going through the problem of hair fall. There are many remedies which people try for their hair growth that includes hair oils, shampoos and many other solutions. But it is not sure that these solutions will really work. But there is one solution which not only helps in hair growth but also improves blood supply and also your health in all matter and that is, Yoga. It is proven fact that Yoga helps increase in blood circulation into your hair scalp.

As you know that there are many products which help in hair growth through increased blood circulation. But these product does not contain those medicine which is essential for hair growth, compare to Yoga which can have good effect on hair growth.

There are some Yoga Postures which can help in reduction in stress, indigestion and anxiety and increase in blood circulation to the head. One of the common yoga postures is where the legs are raised in the air with head resting in the ground. This position can help in increase in blood circulation into your hair scalp.

Other positions are the camel posture, down facing dog, bending straight forward, shoulder stand, Vajrasna and many postures that can help in blood circulation in your head and in growth of your hair. All the evidence has proved that the above mentioned Yoga postures can really help in mental satisfaction if regularly practiced.

The best advantage of this Yoga practice is it’s inexpensive as you can do it at your home at any time, rather than going to a drug store and purchasing hair oil or any other shampoo. But apart from using artificial hair oil, natural oil can also make wonder in your hair growth. You can also go for reflexology technique, rubbing your hair scalp with finger nails daily 2-3 times a day.

Having a good Yoga session with different posture can really help you in hair growth and also in breathing and also in reducing stress level. This Yoga postures are really effective for your health and help in stay away from any of health problem.