How to Wear a Peplum Trend

Peplum trendsPeplum is the latest trend these days as it is a versatile style. This style is one of the best style when used for the right body contours. This style suits best on females who have a narrow bottom and wide shoulders. This body shape is known as “inverted triangle”. To create a balance in your body structure you can wear clothes that add volume to your hip area.Here are some peplum styles that you will love:

Sleek trousers for the office: One of the peplum style is to wear sleek trousers for formal occasions. You can wear a pant that is wide leg or  cropped trousers ,whatever you feel suits your personality and style. Avoid wearing bright shades for trousers for all the formal occasions.

Peplum blouse with a pair of denim: On casual occasions’ go for a well fitted peplum blouse with denim and high heels. This outfit will make you look different from others in any occasion you will go.

Rock a peplum top with skirt: Give a rocking image to your personality by wearing a peplum top with a well fitted pencil skirt. You can wear a skirt in different color combinations keeping in mind your style and preferences. In case you are heading towards your office then wear a simple skirt of same or similar color as your upper and for date and parties, go for a sexy and fitted skirt having a fun print on it.

Choose footwear: There is no footwear that doesn’t match with your peplum style. You can wear sandals, high heel bellies, and gum boots depending upon the place where you are going.

Pick up a nice jacket or blazer with peplum free: For all formal occasions, wearing a blazer is a good idea and for casual occasions you should wear a jacket. You can wear jacket with any types of peplum dresses, skirts, jumpsuits and mermaid costumes.

Wear a skirt with peplum: Another very good dress is to wear a knee length skirt with peplum attached to it. This will give a very gorgeous look. The trend of peplum suits much on a pencil skirt rather than on a top. Add style to it by wearing fitted sleeveless blouse or a plain tee in summers and in winters wears a cozy sweater. Stay away from puffy silhouette fabric in these types of dresses.