How to Tie a Beach Sarong

How to Tie a Beach SarongIt is a very common question asked by men or women who are just getting into wearing sarongs is, how to tie a beach sarong? Usually people get frustrated as they don’t know the real technique of wearing it. When you are going to wear a sarong, it sometimes goes bulky around the knot or around the waist and as a result knot can’t be tied properly. You needn’t worry if you have a fear that your sarong will fall down while walking.

Actually tying a sarong is not that difficult task as it appears. If you would follow the tips given below then very soon you will be master in wrapping your sarong and will look wonderful. First you have to be calm and patiently start doing practice. Now, you are ready to learn different wraps which will helpful for different occasions like long and short skirts and elegant dresses.

How to Wear a Sarong?

Tie the Sarong Step by Step: here are some easy to follow steps and you will look awesome you’re wearing your new sarong. Also, sarong tie is dependent over which kind of dress you have worn.

Long Skirt- When wearing a long skirt then you can wrap that around over the hips; keep the corners in your hand in front of your body. Now, binding the both cornerstie a knot. Then you have move the skirt around so that knot is placed over one hip and you can fluff the knot’s ends. This way right side of fabric will show also, it will show your beautiful legs too.

Triangle Skirt-Fold your sarong in this way that it would make a triangle. Now, take the longest side of triangle and wrap around your waist. Tie the corners at one hip. It is a sexy beach appearance for those who are looking for how to tie a beach sarong?

Long Wrap Skirt- Hold your sarong in horizontal way, hold a corner and leave the longer length which would be used to tie in later period. Wrap that rest piece of cloth around your hips. Keep that another corner for alignment of first one. Now, tie the both together.

Tube Dress- It is actually a sexy dress and tie the sarong in proper way will make it looking sexier. Wrap the sarong around at your upper back and then pull the ends forward. Then the tips of the fabric will come closer to your armpit. Wrap the both sides over the front of your body and it will join each other. Now, swap the corners in their opposite hands. Wrap that around the body very tightly. Tie the both ends into a tight knot.

Halter Dress- Wrap your sarong around the upper back and pull the ends forward. Hold the both even in front of you. Wrap that ends around the body so that they intersect each other. Keep the corner’s length out of the covering so they will work together. Swap both corners on opposite hands. Tie them over your bust. As the sarong have four length and you have left with the two then pull those two lengths behind your neck and tie them in a knot.