How to Strip A Relaxer From Hair

How to Strip A Relaxer From HairWhen going for special occasion or any party then it make you forced to get style because looking stylish have now become trend. For that you can choose from a list of different styles which can make you able to change your whole look completely. From all of them a well known technique is known as adding relaxer to hair. It is helpful in providing you awesome look. In case hairs are relaxed and you want to get back to the look you had before then no issue because available is pain free method. So, take a look at the following given tips for how to strip a relaxer from hair. This method doesn’t require using harmful chemicals and products over scalp.

Some common myths about relaxer

As for adding relaxer same condition is with removal process. There are so many myths for the same. Some of the people guarantee you to use cleaning detergent, egg potion or some products like milk or vinegar for removing the same from scalp. But all of these are myths as any of them in not capable to detach relaxer from hair. Relaxing hair follows chemical process and uses sodium hydroxide or calcium hydroxide as well. Both of the chemicals are responsible for damaging the hair acquaintance.

Relaxers are permanent

Relaxers are usually known as hair perms. Sometimes ladies even use both the methods alternatively and the main reason for doing that is relaxers are permanent. When you try relaxer then as result you would have straight hair permanently and it is not probable to eliminate it. After application to hair it affects their health but new growing hair are free from these effects and is easiest way to keep relaxer out.

Cut down hair for relaxer removal

As told above relaxer are permanent and there is no way available to keep that away from hair but there is one solution available for you to keep that off from hair. The only weapon is cutting because by cutting those hairs you can eradicate the relaxed hair. But it requires strength to cut down your hair that you love most. Some women don’t feel any kind of hesitation in cutting the hair. Being confident for process will help you to cut off all the straighten hair and leave with the hair being grown newly. Definitely you would have major change in your look after that big chop.

Hair growth Depends

Usually hair grows about an inch every month. So, you are suggested to chop your hair after application of sometime of relaxer. Mean you should enjoy that look for 2-3 months or long if you don’t want to have very short hair. Ladies who don’t love to have very short hair available with another solution that she should not cut down all the relaxed hair at one time. You can give it a trim after small periods. Then you have to manage the both natural and relaxer looks at the same time. There is a difficulty in this way because a line new growing hair ends and relaxed strands came together have damaged and poor health hair. So, pick a particular style and care for hiding that mismanaged look.