How to Stretch a Septum Piercing

How to Stretch a Septum PiercingWhen you want to stretch your septum piercing then you should know that it would require patience and time. As your body tissues requires time between each stretching stage for adjusting for the growth and healing of new cells. When you are going for large instrumental septum piercing, you would require flesh plugs and tunnels as they have not much weight and when the piercing is going to heal then it would play wonderful role. On the opposite if you would wear the heavy one then there is a chance of getting hurt too. Now if you want to get how to stretch a septum piercing then can see the below mentioned points.

Done Stretching with Perfection

Stretching the septum piercing is like any of the stretching process and here is required a comfort level to which you can bear the damage or tear of your septum tissue. When you are about to stretch piercing then you would need 6 stretching crescents and it should be from 1.6mm to 5mm. they would be helpful to ease the whole process up to higher instrument and make the jewelry placement well until the next stretch.

Requires patience

To stretch any piercing is a slow process and that is why it would take much time sometimes even months. You should change your gauge gradually so that it makes the healing process faster and easier but if you will work in opposite way then definitely will result in damaged skin with a scar. Area around or at the piercing will make the appearance of it very bad. Sometimes it even looks like a crack which has a hole around. So always expect a little which has very less uncomfortable soreness, so that it heals faster and goes well with the new hole. Piercing should never have any kind of pain or stretching because it can increase the risk of tissue tearing too.

Helpful Tools to stretch Septum Piercing

Stretching tapers, insertion pins and stretching crescents are the things that can be helpful to ease you’re stretching of septum piercing. Like if you want to stretch the piercing up to one size at a time you should choose the 2.4mm pin. Before using you have to lubricate the stretching tool using any Vitamin E oil, or liquid oil and then push it slowly through the septum piercing. Follow the same with massaging and slowly ease the tissue to fit onto the larger instrument. The best idea is to do the septum piercing when you are taking hot bath or hot shower as it would soften and expand the skin and gives elasticity to your skin which can be stretched easily.

Aftercare helps a lot

When you are going to stretch the piercing to a newer size then it would require the aftercare regime and it is must for getting stronger healing and it gives strength to the stretched piercing too. Use an anti-bacterial cleaning agent to maintain hygiene to the specific area. Follow the same with the massaging with Vitamin E rich oil for better condition.