How to Straighten Hair with Milk

How to Straighten Hair with MilkOur nature is so rich that can enhance your beauty with some easily available kitchen products. Even there are products available for making hair look better as well. Natural straightening products are effective and quick methods and one of the very famous and effective one is even always available in your fridge and the name is milk. The thing is to give that a try as it would not only save the money but assures the chemical and damage free method So, start with following steps that tells how to straighten hair with milk.

Easy steps for hair straightening at Home

Fill the spray bottle with milk

To do your task you need to have a spray bottle. Now, around 1/3 cup of fresh milk and fill that in the bottle. You have to remember that the milk should be thicker and so not pick single or double toned milk. Make full cream milk in use. If the milk is not available with you then the wonderful option for you to choose milk powder because that is helpful in doing your task.

Using Coconut Milk

Even you have option to make coconut milk in use too but for that prepare combination of half lemon juice with coconut milk. Keep the mixture in refrigerator for an hour to make it chill. Also, then the cream would collected at the top. You have to use that for straightening your hair.

Alternatives are Here

You can also make use of strawberry, honey or banana to the mixture prepared for hair. For that stir all the items together and for excess moisture element one can add fruit or honey. This would even enhance the smell of mixture.

Spray Time

When you have prepared the solution for hair. Then fill that in bottle. Time to spray that solution all over the hair. You should know that hair should be clean but dry hair is perfect for your work. Drench you whole head with that because if any place would left then the look would be half curly and half straight which I know you would not like to have. Start working from root to tips of hair. You should target each and every layer of hair.


Now, you would have tangles at hair and one should detangle them using a wide toothed comb. Doing the same even would apply milk to the area which is left.


Leave your hair for sometime so that milk would have entered in the roots and also milk requires some time to soak in shafts of hair. With the fingertips you need to massage to your scalp for next 20 minutes.

Rinse out the milk

After that you need to thoroughly wash your hair using water. It is quite possible that you would have smell of sour milk in hair and to remove that you need to use a nice fragrant shampoo and then use conditioner to moisturize them as well. Let them air dry and not use blow dryer.