How To Shape Men’s Eyebrows

Eyebrows are the very important feature of the Face, which reflects the looks and personality of the person. Now days not only woman are conscious of their looks Men are also becoming VERY CONSCIOUS.

Now as we come to the Shaping of Men’s Eyebrows, first thing you should know that it’s very different from the women. As we know Men have thicker Eyebrows as compare to the Women, so there a different technique of shaping men eyebrows. You cannot make it thin as of women, it will give them feminine look, which will obviously not going to suit on their personality.

Men’s eyebrows should be thick and manual, just extra hairs should be pulled out of it, leaving the original shape of the eyebrows.

There are various methods of shaping Men’s eyebrows: like-Plucking, shaving, threading, waxing, etc. Every method is effective. The best thing is just you go to saloon and look up to what your expert had to do with your eyebrows! But remember, it should have a natural look!

Eyebrow Threading is very popular among both the gender.Woman can’t live without it! But now this has become common for men also.

As I mentioned earlier men do not have to give shape to their eyebrows, their eyebrows just have to be trimmed, removing the extra hairs, not touching the natural and original shape. Men eyebrows are thicker, so sometimes it needs extra care while grooming the eyebrows; because the natural look of the eyebrows should remain untouched.

When we talk about Men’s eyebrows, one thing should be kept in mind that they should be slightly thick and heavier in shape and most importantly center should be absolutely clean. You should be sure about the shape of your eyebrow, if you have any doubt then you can refer to any magazines or ask your friends or you can simply leave it on your expert!

Some Tips to Remember

  • While starting with threading, start removing extra hairs, which are visibly out of their place,
  • Eyes are very sensitive, so during threading you should make sure that you are gentle. And immediately after the threading process you can use a skin toner, which will prevent pain or burning sensation, which is usual in threading. You should be very careful to your eyes.
  • To highlight your eyebrows, you can also use eyebrow pencil, which can also be used for filling up the gap in the eyebrows!
  • By grooming up your eyebrows in a smarter way, you will find that your features went to better look. It’s now become very essential for man to groom up their eyebrows of course in a manly way- to have a mirror cracking look!