How To Retwist Dreads

How To Retwist DreadsEveryone has special type of hair and so the dreadlocks grow in different way for every people in other way as well. Some people have great hair and they don’t require to do anything special to make dreads grows as it grow by itself. But there are some other unlucky people as well who have to twist the dreads and train them as well. In case, you have finally got grown up dreads then you need to get the proper techniques for how to retwist dreads and the tips for the same are given below, so that you can follow them and get success.

Things Required- To Do that task you need to have a natural shampoo along with moisturizer, hair clips and towel.

Follow these Steps:

Take a head Wash

First you need to use a natural shampoo for washing your hair. This is necessary for making that clean. Then use a conditioner for moisturizing scalp. You should use natural or herbal products so that it would not harm the hair health and keep dreadlocks harm free. Using highly chemical and waxy products can build up inside the hair. Then you need to wash the conditioner thoroughly so that no residue of same left in hair. When done you need to wrap the wet hair using a soft towel.

Clip the Dreads

 When hair goes dry then you have to use some clips and tuck the dreads with that. Clips should be used at the top and front of the head to control dreads in good way. This step is necessary for retwist process of dreads. You need to start the whole process from the back. Take some drops of natural locking grease on your palm, rub well and apply that over the first dreads. You need to make application over the space between the scalp and other locks as well.

Start combing

 Now, time is to pulling a rattail comb and uses that through the grown out hair. You should start the process from scalp. Now, slowly make the comb work from upside down through the dreads. Then you can retwist them in a way to want to do that. You can continue working in the same way till the deadbolt is at your scalp.

Use Bobby Pins

In This step, you have to make arrangements of hair clips along with bobby pins at and around the dread top when you have finished that. Now, you can easily move to the next dread. After completing the whole process one should use hair dryer to make hair dry easily and here the attention is to be placed especially over the roots.

Final Step

You is at about the end of process and for that you need to leave the pins as well as clips at its place for a complete day. To get better and quick results you can do one task that you can wrap your retwisted dreadlocks in a silk cloth every night at the bedtime because it would secure them and will last longer.