How to Repair Damaged Hair

How To Repair Damaged Hair FastCommon sense should tell you to look after your hair so that it never reaches the point where you have to seek ways to repair damaged hair. If however you have reached that point then look no further. The most basic and effective method of repairing damaged hair is to replace the natural oils that have been lost due to your neglect. Now if you are on an unlimited budget, no problem, just run down to the nearest salon and opt for a hot oil treatment. But if you are like most people and have to cut corners then home-made conditioning treatments are for you.

Olive oil is excellent for rejuvenating your hair. Warm a few teaspoons and massage it freely into your hair and wrap a moist towel around your head. Leave it for about one hour and rinse with a mild shampoo. The Aloe vera plant is an excellent cure for common hair problems. Take a cutting of about three inches, add it to a glass of water and blend it. Pour the mixture through a muslin cloth so the solid particles can be removed, and use the clear mixture as a rinse after shampooing. This will help to make your hair stronger and thicker.

Vitamin E is not only needed by the body, but is an essential Vitamin for your hair as well. It helps to repair your hair on a cellular level. You can take it as a supplement or apply it directly into your hair by mixing in the final rinse water. You can even buy shampoos which have the Vitamin already added, but usually this is in very small quantities to have any significant effect. It is best if you just buy the tablets, grind them and add them to your rinse water.

On last solution that will allow you to repair damaged hair is to encourage healthy hair growth, which will eventually replace the damaged hair. This is done by maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This means eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly.