How To Remove Melasma At Home

How To Remove Melasma At HomeMelasma is a type of skin disorder in which brown patches appear on the skin mostly on the face. Some of the main causes of this problem are hormonal imbalances, pregnancy, excessive exposure to sun rays and regular intake of birth control pills.

When the age of a person advances then some age spots start appearing on face, hand and arms. We can say that Melasma is one such kind of age spot. But the spots that are due to Melasma are large in size and brown in color and they turn dark when exposed to the sun. When Melasma is caused by any hormone medication or in pregnancy then most of the time melasma spots disappear without giving any treatment to the scars.

Use Skin Lightening Agent:

The skin lightening agents such as hydroquinone helps to reduce the appearance of the spots. Hydroquinone is an effective bleaching agent.So you can use skin lightening agents or creams containing hydroquinone which will clear up the Melasma spots.

Apply Sunscreen Lotion:

The application of sunscreen lotion of SPF 30 or 40 helps to clear up the skin patches and also prevent the development of more patches on the skin. So make sure that the sunscreen lotion should be applied in the morning before going out in the sun.

Use Glycolic Acid:

The glycolic acid Glycolic acid is one of the best-known from the group of chemicals known as fruit acids or alpha-hydroxyl acids (AHA). This acid is obtained from sugar cane so it is one of the natural cures. All Melasma spots can be reduced with the use of glycolic acid. You can safely use cosmetic creams containing glycolic acid before going to bed every night. Citrus acid is also a type of glycolic acid.

Apple Cider Vinegar:

Apple cider vinegar is acidic in nature and it helps to clear skin patches. To use it, you should mix two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar with an equal amount of water and apply this mixture to the affected area by cleaning your face properly. It should be applied using a cotton ball. But make sure that apple cider vinegar should not be left on the skin for more than three minutes. It will lighten all the patches on the skin and will give you a smooth skin.

Stop Using Birth Control Pills:

The use of birth control pills and other hormonal medicines should be avoided as these pills lead to the appearance of skin patches. As a substitute, you can use oral contraceptives or non hormonal birth control methods.

Apply Aloe Vera Gel:

Aloe Vera can be used safely on the skin patches and now days due to the multiple benefits of aloevera lot of people keep the plant of aloevera at home. It has got anti-oxidant properties and prevents skin damage and clears skin patches. To enhance the effectiveness of aloevera you should mix it with Vitamin E and prim some oil as it will remove the excess oil from the skin and clears the Melasma spots.

So make full advantage of these tips on how to remove Melasma patches with the use of simple things that are easily available at your home.