How to Remove Dye from Hair Naturally

How to Remove Dye from Hair NaturallyWhen you want to remove hair shade then you should consider one thing first that what is the paint you want to achieve. If you hair tint choice is pale or requirement of base of hair dying is pastel color or you have red tone at head and the task is to simply avoid that. It is also possible that you want the natural shade at your hair and so want to keep all the shades from hair. Then you would require a technique to tell how to remove dye from hair naturally. Here mentioned are some of the common, simple and easy to try processes that would help you to fade and even remove the color from hair. It may have shown different effects and sometimes damage to hair. So, you should always pick a method which would give least damage to hair. Also, go for a sensitivity test before proceeding with the technique to remove hair tint.

Techniques to remove Hair dye


When you are fed up with your hair shade then attractive idea to make change in shade is going for bleaching. It is the powerful and common method to remove hair tint but sometime it is hard and not suitable for hair health. As it cause damage so maintain distance from the same but it is a process that has lessen hair risks as safe hair from severe damage for some cases too. Bleaching is helpful to remove cool shades more easily and quickly and if used at warm shades then can result in different variety of colors.

Vitamin C Treatment

Vitamin C treatment is easy to do treatment option and the best part is to try the treatment option you should not go to market for buying costly chemical solution because the work can be done at home with just 2 ingredients. This is best known treatment to remove semi-permanent shades and also lightens it for 1-2 tons as well. The most pleasing fact connected with using of this method is that usage of the method doesn’t put much effect over the natural shade of your hair. To try the method, you need effervescent Vitamin C tablets and shampoo. Either use 1-21,000mg tablets or use 1-2g of Vitamin C powder. If using tablets then crush them to get fine powder and collect that n a small bowl.

Start the technique

You should be prepared well before because after making the mixing solution you would immediately have to use that. You need to also use a shower cap or old towel to stop running of extra color. Prepare a mixture with powdered Vitamin C and large squirt of shampoo. Mix well and immediately apply that to your scalp. You need to use your fingers or wide toothed comb to ensure that each hair strand is covered with mixture. Now, cover the hair with cap. Also, it would save the eyes from getting in the dye. Leave the hair for 20 minutes and then wash with regular water. After washing your hair you should condition them to provide moisture which is necessary for hair scalp.

These two are the easy to use solutions to tell how to remove dye from hair naturally. So, choice is all yours which is best suitable for you.