How to Remove Duct Tape from Hair

How to Remove Duct Tape from HairDuct tape is known as one of the most helpful and great inventions of man as it is helpful to repair and even made different things as well. Duct tape is prepared with stay and stick so that the pieces would stick in your hair. To remove sticky glue is not easily possible. If you have duct tape which have stick to your hair then it would be tricky to make it remove but don’t worry as following tips will tell you how to remove duct tape from hair. It will help to save your precious locks.

Instructions for removing duct tape from hair

Step 1

It is the first step when you wanted to remove duct tape, immediately tie up your loose hair so that any of the hair strands would not go stuck in the duct tape. Now, times to wet the hair where the duck tape have stuck.

Step 2

As your motive has to remove the duct tape, so you have to remove the top edge of thick plastic back which usually most of the tapes have and for removing heat it up because by heating plastic would become soft and go off easily. To get rid of that hold the top edge of tape and using blow dryer make it heated by keeping that on low heat. The process would take time as patiently and slowly you have to pull the edge of tape. When you will heat the plastic side of tape then the glue started melting and the back of tape started removing from the place and you will easily removing that and no damage would be caused to your hair. Also the hair health would be at its place.

Step 3

Take some of the vegetable oil and dip the fingers in the oil. With the fingers massage the hair which is sticky as these have duct tape stick. After rubbing down with your fingertips, you would be helpful in mat the hair. Keep hold on mat and slowly try to take out hair strands one by one. If small amount of duct sticky tape leftovers on the threads then apply some more oil downward the strands and always start with the gummy piece and then quickly move to the down of the tip.

Step 4

Take a bright pointy comb and brush your hair so that it would avoid the bunch of duct sticky tape. It can even remove those if you can’t pull the strands free. Again time to apply some more oil to the hair has collection of stick and to hair all way to the tips. Now, rest your comb over the bond and grasp them to the extractions of hair and along with that press them down as well. In this way, glue would start beginning from the tips and you are free to apply as large amount oil as you wanted to do the task.

Step 5

This is the final step, and here you should keep patience to remove the glue because you would face damaging and pulling of hair. Now, remove the duct sticky tape completely. After eliminating that you can clean your hair in normal way.