How to Remove a Lip Ring Ball

How to Remove a Lip Ring BallIt has become the fashion trend to get a lip ring ball and so many teenagers as well as people of other ages both men and women are getting the same but sometimes it went wrong or due to any other reason you may want to remove the lip ring ball but this process is not that easy and feasible as it looks. In some cases the lip ring ball may stuck or it give you a feeling that you can’t be able to get rid of the same anyhow but no worries in that case as you needed some assistance for removing the ball without any problem. By following the below steps you would get how to remove a lip ring ball or either avoid it or wear a different one at its place.

Different types of lip ring balls

There are variety of lip ring balls and the main and most commonly used one is known as ball closure lip rings and these specific ones are made as an open ring with a ball. Usually the balls are made with plastic but it can be made with some of the other materials like steel, silver, ceramic, gold or any of the material. This ball has a divot in each end and also it fits onto the hoop. Another kind of lip ring balls are known as labret studs and these are jewellery pieces specially and completely designed for lip styling. This jewellery has come in different variety and in different closure pieces. It is available in ball style and also available in cones, flowers and so many stylish and wonderful shapes.

Things required removing the lip ring ball– Antibacterial Soap

Follow the Instructions

Removing ball closure rings

To remove ball first you need to start with washing your hand with an antibacterial soap. This is must required step for maintaining hygiene as bacteria may travel from hand to lip ball area. Take some warm water and wash the lip ring using that water and antibacterial soap. With the help of your index finger and thumb, you have to grasp the top as well as bottom of your lip ring ball. This is the correct time to get rid of your unwanted lip ring ball. Pull the ball from the top area. You have to pay attention that it should be removed from the bottom of the lip ring. Remove the ball from the bottom of the lip ring from its place.

Labret Studs

To remove labret studs, you need to wash your hands using antibacterial soap and warm water. Now, time to wash the lip ring with the antibacterial soap and warm water. It is the perfect time to clutch the lip ring ball using your thumb and index finger and twist it a bit. This would prove helpful in keeping the ball out. It depends over the ball that you have to move it in clockwise or anticlockwise direction. Now, you can remove the ball.