How to Remove a Lace Front Wig

How to Remove a Lace Front WigA lace front wig is what that makes you look great at the time of wearing it but removing that can be sometimes little tricky. After removing it is also required to clean it properly because this helps in preserving its look and the wig looks new for long time. Everyone desires for the same. So, below given are some of the techniques which would help to tell you how to remove a lace front wig? This would help to make its life lengthen.

Removal and Cleaning of Your Lace Front Wig – Step by Step

Step 1- First you need to take a cotton pad or sponge whichever is available with you. Now, time to dab 99% of alcohol or adhesive release over the hairline. Now, you have to slowly with light hands peel the back of the lace. You can also dab underneath because this is what which make you remove the wig from the scalp.

Step 2- Prior to shampoo, you have to remove the tape and residue from the unit’s lace. With the help of tip of sponge, apply the 99% alcohol at the tape. Now, time to swap over the top of the lace onto the tape. You will get in some minutes that tape is coming out slowly. Now, time to pull it to make it remove from place.

Step 3- In case, you are not using alcohol, then soak the lace in alcohol because it would remove the oily residue from solution and provide you clean surface.

Step 4- Now, Its shampoo time and you have to rinse the hair for an inch from the knot area. Spray your hair with rinse sprayer from hair direction to ends. Using cold water but don’t wet the wig’s foundation or knots because it can result is hair fall.

Step 5- Apply shampoo over 3 inches wide and ½ inch sections. Work to the ends of hair. You need to wait for 60 seconds so that shampoo would sit up. Now, time to wash that with water. When the hair has become shampoo free then remove excess water from hair and use a soft towel for the purpose.

Step 6- With the light hands, wipe the base of the wig from the inside of towel. You need to repeat the process of sponge dipped in 99% alcohol. Applying that will allow the water draws from the knot. This is required when you wanted to have longevity of your hair unit.

Step 7- Put the wig over the head. The hairline should of length of four fingers from the eyebrows and temples should be at distance of three fingers from eye corners. Now, comb your hair. Start from ends and go to the knots. You can get any style you want because the wig is wet now and the work would be easy for you.

Step 8- To get proper shape you have to block not in use and it should be of same size of wig. Now, pin the cardboard over the top of hairline when it is wet and leave it as it is for overnight to make it dry.

So, follow the above mentioned tips that tell you how to remove a lace front wig.