How to Prevent Grey Hair

How to Prevent Grey HairIn order to learn how to prevent grey hair we must first understand why hair turns grey in the first place. The color in the hair is due to a pigment in our hair follicles known as melanocytes. As we grow older, the production of the pigment which gives color to our hair slowly declines and the new hair that grows is grey or lacking color.

Graying of hair is partially determined by our genetics, meaning that if your parent’s hair turned grey at an early age then your hair will start to turn grey hair at a young age also, but there are other factors also that play a role in when our hair turns grey. Although you can’t stop hair from turning grey you can delay the process.

Prematurely and that includes graying hair. Stress is another major factor that has been linked with premature grey hair. Stress like smoking makes the body age faster, so find ways to relax. Next take a good hard look at your diet. Grey hairs begin when a specific protein is no longer synthesized. This is due to deficiency of copper in the body. Besides taking a multi-vitamin daily, eat foods like lima beans, spinach and turnip greens which provide this mineral naturally.

In addition to this do not forget to message your scalp with a good coconut, or Amla paste. This improves the circulation of the blood to your scalp.There is no point in eating vitamins and nutrient rich foods if the minerals can’t reach your hair follicles. Messaging the head circulates the blood, which then transports the necessary minerals to your scalp.

There are also some home remedies you can practice which will help prevent premature graying. Make yourself a cup of black tea, strain it and allow it to cool to room temperature then add two teaspoonfuls of salt into it. Apply this to the hair and wash after an hour with cool water. The process should be repeated every ten days. A second treatment involves making a paste of goose berries and mango seeds and applying this into the hair. Leave it in the hair for about one hour the wash hair normally.