How to Prepare For a Trip to Paris

How to Prepare For a Trip to ParisParis is known to be one of the finest tourist destinations in the world. It is the place where you can explore Louvre Museum, The Eiffel tower, Versailles and so many things. Actually Paris is known to be cosmopolitan town and so called “city of Lights and “city of Love”. So, when you are about to travel the place then you should how to prepare for a trip to Paris.

Apply for Passport and Visa

It is obvious that you would require a passport when you want to go abroad and if you have one already then you can be tension free and in case, you haven’t applied for the same then you have to apply for one at least 4-6 weeks before you are about to go trip. When going to France then your passport should be valid for at least 90 days after the departure date. Mere passport will not make you able to go abroad and so you would need a visa. So, apply for that.

Packing for Trip

When you are about to go somewhere then the most important thing is your packing as you have to keep all the things which you will need there. Here are some important things:


  • Clothes– Actually the choice of your clothes depends on the duration, purpose and on which time you are going. The weather remains pleasant in Paris and so you can keep pair of jeans and matching tops with that, you can also keep capris, frocks or skirts with you. In case you have to attend any party their then black or any dark colored gown will be your best option.
  • Fashion Jewelry– Fashion jewels are known to be essential for every lady. So, keep some simple necklaces with matching earrings with you. For your party wear gown you have to keep pearl neckpiece with matching earrings, ring and bracelet with you. Some bracelets and rings should also with you to make you look fashionable and fabulous as well.
  • Routine Vaccinations- It is not necessary but very important because it is quite possible that you can caught with any health issue at our trip and if you would have medicines to treat that then will help you there and also you need not to roam in search of medicines and all. You can keep medicines for general flu, headaches and for some illnesses etc.
  • Shoes– You has to keep one high heel sandals for your formal occasion and a pair of comfortable shoes which will help you to roam around the country comfortably.

Exchange the Local Currency

To explore the place well you would need money and for that you need to exchange your local currency to the currency of that country. This currency will help you in much way like to pay the cost of the cab from airport or other expenses in the country. Also, if you love shopping then the need has become even more. France is known to be expensive country and so you have to keep extra money with you so that you can enjoy well.