How to obtain Emo Hairstyle

How to Do Emo HairstylesIn the current trend there are various hairstyles that an individual does. Having a new hairstyle also depends on the personality of the person, does it suits or not. As the season changes hairstyle keeps on changing which make the person to have somewhat a new look. One of this hairstyle is the Emo hairstyle which is also gaining its popularity. Having an Emo hairstyle is like going natural and everyone knows that true emo’s strength lie in strength.

There are few steps that can make to obtain Emo hairstyle:

1)      While cutting your hair after having it grown long, cut it around the ear and keep the back and front in blended crop cut. Don’t allow your hair for too long of fringe, you may look like a poser. If you’re a girl and want to have Emo hairstyle then make it sure that you trim your fringe on a regular period. Do make it sure that your hair is long enough to go beyond your nose.

2)      Have a long and choppy layer about half way down to your hair and in the rest of your hair have a short choppy layer.

3)      Keep razoring your hair occasionally. But make it sure that you don’t use safety razor, instead use a straight razor or a razor comb. It helps to keep the hair cut fresh without the risk of messing too badly.

4)      Keep your Emo hair straiten regularly, with the help of hair strengthen or gel.  You can also use heat defense shampoo and sprays that can keep your hair healthy

5)      Not all Emos have black hair. Try to make your hairstyle something unique and also add some random streak with different color like pink, blue or blonde. Make it sure that you use bleach before coloring your hair.

6)      If you’re a girl than accessorizing your hair with Girly bowls can be the best one. You can also use wicked hair clips with bats and spiders.

To have a perfect Emo hairstyle it is necessary to take care of your hair. Make it sure that you don’t overdo it.