How to Measure For Bras Correctly

How to Measure For Bras CorrectlyIt is surprising yet true that about 70% ladies wear an incorrectly sized bra. The size of their bra is either too large or too small. The most popular size among the ladies is 36C bra; it is called average bra size. You should know how to measure for bras correctly, so that you can choose the perfect one and well fitted for you. Here given are the useful steps that how you can do the same.

How to Measure Your Bra Size

Measure the Band Size

This is your first step and for that you can use a tape and measure the area all way around your body which is underneath your breasts. Note the measurement should be in inches. The tape measure should be snug and horizontal and keep the arms down at the time of measurement.  If the measure is an odd number then you have option that either you can take one size up or down for your measurement. If the measure is even number then choose the same sized bra for you. Always look for the bra fittings guides as some of them suggested to add 4-5 inches in measurement comes to your underneath breast size. It is first but most important step when you are looking for how to measure for bras correctly.

It’s Time to check Cup size

Shape of every breast is different for different ladies. Sometimes both of your breasts are not have same shape. You can easily measure by checking the size of bra you are using presently. Usually cup size is related to the size of band. So, when you will look small band size then cup size will also go small. Also, choose the bra which is one measure more than the size of your cup.

Today so many leading brands are going over the steps of UK cup sizing and these are AA,A,B,C,D,DD,E,F,FF, GG, H, HH, J, JJ, K, KK, L, LL. So, always check the international bra sizing chart before buying any new one for you.

Try once then decide

You can be able to get your size by using the above information but sometimes the two different brands have different criteria for setting the size. So, you have to try some bras, with different sizes and brands or styles of bras. It is excellent step when you are looking for how to measure for bras correctly.

Wear it correctly

Only choosing the right sized bra is not making your work done but sometimes if the correct bra if not wearing properly then can hurt you. So, whenever you are going to wear bra. Lengthen the shoulder straps of it and then put your arms through them. Now, lean forward slowly by this way your bust falls into cups. Stretch the hooks and eyes meet. You have to still lean forward, now, you have to check under-wire and wiggle from side to side. This step is important to get the cups are completely covered or not. Adjust the length of straps and sliders so that straps won’t cut the skin.