How to Manage Migraine Headache

How to Treat Migraine HeadacheMigraine is a severe Headache problem and at the time of attack the patient feels pain in one side of the head or forehead region even in some cases the pain can also take place at the back of head. Patient must have to do some of the safety measures as it is necessary for manage migraine headache.


Exercise is key to get healthy body as well as mind. You have to do the regular exercise then it lessens the tension which is caller of migraine attacks. You must have to do light exercise or that which is something meant for enjoyment. In this way you can get fresh oxygen. Even you can go for walk in the morning this solves the purpose of exercise. Also, instead of using car or bike to go nearby place you can go through your feet. Also, use the exercise for warm up slowly because hard and intense exercise can lead to headaches.

Proper Sleep

Lack of sleep or too much sleep is what that can create many problems also this can trigger migraine headache too. You have to avoid taking naps. You have to maintain a regular sleep pattern. You have to go to bed daily for same time and wake up at almost same time daily. Even on weekends no need to change the pattern.

Water and Fluids

You have to keep you hydrated and so take plenty of fluids. Also 8-9 glasses of water daily are good for hydration. During warm season, you have to increase the water intake and during exercise too.


Many people who are obese used to skip meals or go to starvation as they think it is easy way to lose extra pounds. It also lowers down the blood sugar too. It can give way to attack. So, you have to eat something healthy after every 4-5 hours. You can have pasta, bananas, cereals or potatoes as they are the slow release foods.


You have to collect the whole information about the problem and for that you can read books and even search over web. You can also consult to your doctor.


Many of the people have a pattern in the migraine headaches that they have increased pain at the weekends or on holidays and the reason is breaking of regular daily pattern. You have to prepare routine and so for that you have to make regular schedules and follow them even on weekends.

Maintain a Diary

Make a diary and make daily entries in it. You can here note down when the migraine attack started and how long it stays. Also, if you have taken anything which gives you relief can also be written here. This record will help you further. Note the foods after eating those you feel stress and any of the stress.

To Make you Relax

Meditation is what that provide relax to the body. Also, music relaxation, deep breathing and yoga are also another ways for providing you relief and also it needn’t any of the special equipment for usage. You can listen light music in a dark room. Gardening can also make you relax.