How to Manage Diabetes

Managing Your DiabetesIt is estimated that there are more than 240 million people suffering from diabetes worldwide. The condition is brought on by a mixture of hereditary and environmental causes, which result in high levels sugar in the blood. Although living with diabetes is difficult, the good news is that it is manageable. Managing your diabetes involves several factors, but the key is diet and exercise.

Consuming a healthy diet means eating regular meals that are based on wholegrain breads, cereals and pasta. Use of fruits and vegetables should be made a daily ritual, with the use being spread evenly throughout the day. Salt and fat intake quantity should be reduced, and processed sugary foods like cakes and cookies should be minimized. Carbohydrates have a big effect on blood sugar, so they need to be used sparingly.

Make sure you are physically active. A regular exercise program influences blood sugar a great deal. Make sure you never go directly to bed after eating a meal.  It is absolutely essential that you walk for fifteen to twenty minutes after an evening meal. This does not need to be a fast paced walk, remember you are not in a marathon; you are only trying to burn the sugars in the food you have taken. Even during the day try to move around as much as possible, as this helps your body to utilize the sugars ingested.

Another factor that you need to take into account while managing your diabetes is stress. Stress and tension shoot blood sugar levels through the roof even when you control your diet and exercise. It is essential that learn to manage stress. A diabetic needs to practice good foot care, because over time the high levels of sugar in the blood damage nerves in the body. When this happen, you may lose feelings in the feet and if a sore develops you may not feel it. The sore can turn into an ulcer and if that gets infected, in severe cases the foot may have to be amputated.

Get plenty of sleep, as a regular schedule can keep blood sugar at a healthy level. If you are a smoker, kick the habit as soon as possible. Finally, remember to take your medicines as prescribed by your doctor. Skipping a dose or being irregular with medication will cause major damage.

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