How To Make Your Own Basil Essential Oil

How To Make Your Own Basil Essential OilEssential oils are liquids which are collected from herbal plants and played important role in aromatherapy which is well known for providing relax from stress and anxiety. Now, you have a question in mind why the word essential have added to oil means you can have essential oil (means you can have oil to preference’s fragrance). The best part is you can make your essential oil at home which maintains its purity and other herbal qualities. Following mentioned are easy tips how to make your own basil essential oil. So, you can follow them and get your own oil.

Essential Oils Recipe Step by Step

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Why to choose Basil?– To make basil essential oil you should know that there are different varieties of herbal oil available but which one is prepared at home maintained its purity. Some of the main properties of basil oil is that it is antiviral, antioxidant, antibacterial, antispasmodic, anti-infectious, anti-inflammatory, diuretic, disinfectant, decongestant, anti-depression, anti-catarrhal, gives and restores energy, stimulates the nerves and adrenal cortex and able to uplift. The oil is known to be potent who has taken from the leaves as compares to oil collected from stems, roots and flowers.

Importance of Basil- Basil is worshipped and known as sacrad herb in India. It is native from Africa and Asia. To collect the oil from the plant you need to do stem distillation of this flowering herb. When you try to get oil from that then discover that it contains warm and herbaceous scent. The herbal oil puts action over the nervous system.

Things you need– Now, you would have excitement that you are going to prepare essential oil at home it needs little effort but it is not at all a tough job. You would require some ingredients to do your task. You need ¼ cup of basil leaves, a cup of olive oil, a bottle of amber color and a medium pot with cheesecloth.

Start the procedure- Take the pot and pour olive oil in it then add the fresh basil leaves to it. Mix it well and leave over heat. Cover it up and six the mixture for next six hours. Even you have another option that you can also prepare that in your oven. For the purpose you have to put that in a glass jar and put in oven for medium temperature for next 2 hours. Even you can make that under sunlight but for that you have to put your mixture in a glass jar and place under direct sunlight. Daily put that under sunlight for complete two weeks.

Post Cooking Steps-When your cooking is done by choosing any of three methods you have to squeeze the leaves and separate them from the olive oil. You can even take a cheese cloth and place over wide bowl. Now, pour them through the cloth. Squeeze it and below collected is your oil.

Follow the final step- You have your oil in bowl. You have to store the oil in glass bottle. When you want to store that for longer time you are suggested to use a dark colored bottle. Also, you should not place the oil to direct sunlight.