How To Make Hair Stay Straight All Day

How To Make Hair Stay Straight All DayOne always wants to look great. Even women wanted that more. To look great each and every part of the body matters a lot and so to take care and make all of them beautiful also matters a lot. Your hair plays vital role in making you look awesome. It is tragic but true that when those having curly hair want to have straight one and opposite who have straight hair wants to style them curly. So, for ladies who wants to know how to make hair stay straight all day following tips proves useful for you.

Having Long Hair than Great

If you want to have straight hair then definitely you should have long hair because this only gives you awesome look. It is tendency to choose for curly hair when you have short hair and long hair look beautiful with straight. Also, hair would look greater when having good health so for purpose one should go to hair dressers regularly. It would remove spilt ends along with dead hair. It would not only provide you straight hair but will even wonderful for hair health too.

Use Straightening Products

You need to buy the hair products that would help in giving you straight, smooth and sleek hair. Before using those wash the hair using a straightening shampoo. After that you have to use hair conditioner to ensure their moisture elements as well. Then dry your hair using soft towel. Neither rubs them hardly or harshly. Now, time to apply some straitening mousse or gel but these products should be applied over little wet hair. So, after hair wash quickly apply them.

Use Blow Dryer and Flat Iron

As your hair are wet but never comb them because they would fall easily. To make them dry you can use hair dryer and then using flat iron make them straight. When using blow dryer then use a wide toothed comb and brush your hair from upside down. The heat should be over medium when dry and it should not be close to your hair because excessive heat can damage the hair health. Make small sections of hair and use clippers to keep them separate. Apply protecting serum over hair. Now using flat iron, start working from backside to front of hair and make them straight.

Keep them Straight

Your motive is to keep hair straight for all day long and for the purpose, after finishing the hair straightening you can use holding spray which would keep the style at its place for longer time. Even using anti-frizz serum with silicone would be greatest option for you. To maintain its straightness for long avoid visiting places have humidity, warmth and dirt. Using quality products for hair straightening also assures you with long lasting results. It is very important for hair health that you should give your hair small break because this whole process included heat and chemical rich products means to get this awesome look your hair have to go from different chemicals and heat which is not great for its health. So, in place of doing it regularly you are suggested to do that once or twice a month.