How To Make Green Tea Soap

How To Make Green Tea SoapSo, you are in search of natural chemical free soap and also want to make it at your own so nothing can be better than green tea soap. There are so many natural soap makers love to add grounded leaves in their soap. It also works like additive or as a natural colorant. One can also add some of the tablespoons of dried botanicals in your soap. Following mentioned are some of the ideas which would tell you how to make green tea soap.

Green tea is the very popular scent used to prepare aromatic candles and soaps as well and that is the reason it is must product for your spa basket as well. Also, when you make soap at your own then you would have your own fond memories as you are making in commercial soap to making. For preparing any of the natural soap at home it is must for you to add eucalyptus essential oil to the ingredient list as it would helps to balance the heaviness along with sweetness when you use either lemongrass or green tea in place of using water. Here are the complete details means ingredient list along with preparation method so that you can follow the tips and prepare your own natural soap.

How To Make Green Tea Soap at Home


Before getting the ingredient list you need to know that that the preparation and both cooking time of the soap is 30 minutes. Now the ingredients includes Palm oil, cocoa butter, lemongrass essential oil, palm kernel oil, eucalyptus essential oil, coconut oil, steeped leaves of green tea, olive oil, strongly brewed green tea, castor oil, lye, soybean oil, sunflower oil and the optional item for you is yellow and green oxide swirl.

Preparation Process

You needs to make up double strength green tea and for that you have to save the steeped leaves for later. Now, leave it as it is so that it would come down to room temperature. You are now going to make the soap where you have used liquids in place of using water and so it would result in proper solution. First you have to start with making lye solution. Now, the time is to bring all the oils, colorants and essential oils together and mix it well. Next you have to prepare a soap batch as normally you used to do.

At trace, combine the lemongrass along with eucalyptus essential oils. Also, add around 1 spoon of steeped green tea leaves per pounds of oils. You have to maintain the proper proportion to make the exact soap. Slow stir it well. Now, you have to add colorants or swirls what you desired to add in your soap. To make a colourful one you can even add two swirls like green and yellow oxides. Now you need to get the mould of the shape in which you like to see your soap. Pour the mixture in those moulds. Let it as it is for whole night so that it would get its shape. When it goes firm, you need to cut the desired shape and size of soap bars you want. It would take around 3-4 weeks to cure. So, your green tea and lemongrass soap is ready for use and best thing is it is free from chemicals.

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