How To Make Feet Look Good

How To Make Feet Look GoodThe feet plays an  important role in everybody’s daily life. It must be given proper care but a lot of people ignore the need of care to the feet as much they require. The look of feet deteriorates if you don’t do proper care in the form of pedicures, application of lotions and covering them with socks and a pair of good shoes. So give proper care to your feet so that your feet look good and you can show your bare feet to anybody. Here are some of the best tips to make your feet look good.

How to Care for Your Feet

Give daily bath to your feet: The feet require a proper bath daily by dipping them in warm soapy water and rubbing the soles of the feet with a brush or pumice stone. Make sure to clean the area between the toes to remove all the leftover dust in them.

Exfoliate your feet: To make your feet softer exfoliate them regularly. You can use a foot scrub to clean the lower part of the feet and rub with the brush by putting them in a tub of warm water. After rinsing your feet properly pat them dry with a clean towel. Now massage with pedicure lotion and creams and wear socks to prevent the dust to stick to your feet.

Always trim your feet nails: The trimming of your nail growth is a must. This will help to prevent nail injuries as so many injuries to feet are caused due to long nails. You can give them a beautiful shape by filing them.

Keep them moisturized: The dryness of the feet can be avoided by the application of foot lotions on your feet regularly. You can use specially made foot lotions as they go deep into your feet and make them soft. But make sure that all the lotion is absorbed before wearing shoes and sandal as if your feet is sticky then it may lead to slipping injuries.

Do not squeeze the feet into ill-fitting shoes: The shoe size must be a perfect size of your feet as an ill fitting shoe affects the foot health. The wrong size of the foot and lower-quality sole of the shoe provoke problems like corns, bunions and hammertoes in people. So always buy a perfect shoe size with a good quality sole.

Start treatment at the initial stage of feet problems: If you will find any foot problems then start treating them in the initial stage to prevent further problem. Like if the corns are not treated on time then they become bigger in size. Get the ingrown toenails removed by a doctor and use topical ointments for the treatment of the burning sensations and itching in the foot.